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Men and Breast Cancer


Bobby Were and wife Linda

Male breast cancer is rare, accounting for 1% of all breast cancers. It is a hundred times more common in women than in men.

Symptoms may include: a painless lump under the nipple or areola; an inverted nipple (turned inward); swelling of the breast tissue; a rash around the nipple; discharge or bleeding from the nipple; a swelling or lump in the armpit.

Bobby Were believed men could not be diagnosed with breast cancer, until he was!

Bobby Were: “I am a male breast cancer Survivor and this is my story. Whilst bathing one evening in 2006 I felt a pea size lump next to my right nipple. I called my wife and asked her to look. She agreed something was not right and that I should see the doctor. My male stubbornness kicked in immediately, You know what I mean, we men know much better than any doctor and I informed my wife it was nothing and I was fine.” Read more about Bobby’s acceptance of his diagnosis, and treatment…

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