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Morgan’s Sugar-Free Candy Floss


How the initiative began

In support of World Diabetes day on 14 November, Morgan’s Candy Floss worked together with chef Lesley Jacob from the Food and Beverage Institute and Dr Arnold van Dyk to create a suitable substitute that would enable children and adults with diabetes to taste and enjoy sugar-free candy floss without having to worry about blood-sugar spikes or side-effects.

The product

Morgan’s Sugar-free candy floss is made with a sugar-alcohol that is widely considered the safest sugar substitute for diabetics. Upon testing the product we found that even a half an hour after the subject has consumed the product the blood-sugar levels remain at a very safe, stable range. We would love to have it officially clinically tested in 2020, to ensure the product is a tested diabetic friendly product. The sugar-alcohol spins and tastes like real candy floss but, like candy floss, has a limited shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks depending on the conditions. It is sold in a 500ml transparent tub, which ensures it is protected from contamination, is perfect for retail, and is the preferred safe portion.

World Diabetes Day 2019

Last year, we sold over 500 units of sugar-free candy floss to everyone from corporates to hospitals and the everyday person. Demand for it quickly spread nationwide when a parent posted a picture of it on the facebook site for children with diabetes called, ‘Powered by Insulin’. Unfortunately, we had only planned and budgeted to sell these units in the month of November to raise money and awareness for DSA (Diabetes South Africa). We had tremendous success with it and are thinking about expanding a branch exclusively for Morgan’s Sugar-free Candy floss.


Morgan’s candy floss is owned and run by Morgan Pelser. A grade 11 student in Cambridge. Both the Normal and the Sugar-Free candy floss have registered barcodes.

Morgan’s Contact details: 

Morgan Pelser 079 347 8904

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