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World Blood Donor Day 14 June


Can I save 3 lives today?



Giving your lifesaving blood to help in the medical care of patients justifies respect, courtesy, trust, and appreciation. The SANBS values its blood donors, as we could not fulfill our lifesaving mission to the South African community without the support of blood donors.

To ensure that donors and prospective donors have full confidence in the blood donor process, we state the following rights and responsibilities of all donors

Donor’s Rights

Respect: You have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect in all interactions with SANBS employees and volunteers.

Considerate and Respectful Collection and Care: You have the right to high quality, considerate, and respectful blood collection experience. You also have the right to receive prompt, truthful, and clearly understood answers to questions about the donation process.

Quality Donation Standards: You have the right to be assured that SANBS meets or exceeds all requirements of the applicable standards in the collection and handling of blood donations.

Privacy: You have the right to receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition for donations and to be assured that all donor information is handled with confidentiality, privacy, and security.

Information: You have the right to be informed of the ways in which SANBS intends to use the blood that is collected from you and to be assured that donations are used for their intended purposes.

Complaints: You have a right to file a complaint with the Quality department if you have a complaint or concern with regard to donor safety or quality.

Donor’s Responsibilities

Consideration and Respect: You are responsible for being considerate and respectful of other donors and SANBS staff by maintaining civil language and conduct in your interactions at all times. The SANBS does not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment of other donors or staff at its collection sites.

Eligibility: You are responsible for providing accurate and complete information to SANBS regarding eligibility to donate blood.

Following Instructions: You are responsible for following post-collection instructions as given. Please ask questions or tell us if you do not understand the instructions and notify us about any changes in your condition after leaving the donation site.

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