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World Diabetes Day 2020


Theme, History, Significance, Facts

World Diabetes Day – 14th November 2020

Every year November 14th is celebrated as World Diabetes Day. With the advent of technology, man is prone to several lifestyle diseases. Diabetes mellitus or naturally, diabetes is an ailment in persons who have high blood glucose levels in their bodies. Till now, medical science has found no cure for diabetes, but the disease can be controlled, and blood sugar levels can be maintained.

Children and younger people are more prone to type-1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is more commonly seen in people who are in their mid-age groups and also in senior citizens. Gestational diabetes sometimes occurs in pregnant women. World diabetes day is celebrated to help spread awareness of this disease amongst the global community. This article primarily focuses on the history, importance, themes, celebrations and relevant FAQs of World Diabetes Day 2020.

World Diabetes Day – History

The first-ever World Diabetes Day was celebrated on November 14th, 1991. It is a rare celebration where health care fraternities join hands with the general public to spread awareness of diabetes. The International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) collaborated with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to mark the first-ever international celebration. The IDF started the promotions for this day owing to medical concerns regarding the increasing cases of diabetes Mellitus worldwide.

Diabetes not just affected a particular age group. Still, its side effects and overall health deterioration raised eyebrows amongst global communities to raise the bar and effectively create awareness amongst the public.

In the year 2006, the UN passed a resolution on official terms, and since then, the day is observed with formal celebrations. November 14th also marks a significant day in medical history. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin in the year 1922. The birth anniversary of Sir Frederick Banting is celebrated every year on November 14th.

Significance of World Diabetes Day 2020

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition when the body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin in the pancreas. Conversely, in some cases, insulin is produced sufficiently, but the cells display an inability to disseminate it appropriately in the body. In either case, the glucose levels in the blood increases and this condition are called hyperglycemia.

In the long run, diabetes if left untreated leads to damage of vital organs in the body and leads to permanent damage to the body. Diabetes mellitus has several symptoms. People are having this disease show signs of frequent urination, uncontrollable thirst, increased hunger, sudden weight loss, reduced vision and eyesight, changes in the foot soles, dry and itchy skin and many others.

As already discusses, diabetes as a disease cannot be entirely cured by medicines. It can be controlled and monitored through proper diet intake, practising a good exercise regimen, phytotherapy, injection of oral hypoglycaemic substances and consumption of specified quantity of insulin.

Approximately 422 million people have diabetes, according to the latest statistics. This number tells us the reason why we need to spread global awareness about the disease. Experts treating diabetes, nutritional consultants, dieticians, counsellors, doctors, nurses and medical advisors collaborate on this critical day to raise awareness about diabetes. It is a boon to patients suffering from the disease.

Medical experts advise the general public on the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced diet and the necessity to include fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. Food plays a vital role in controlling blood glucose levels at an average level. The intake of grains, legumes, dairy foods and high protein diets help maintain a healthful lifestyle.

Diabetes can also be managed through an active lifestyle. Patients need to engage themselves more in physical activities; they should keep a check on their body weight, say not to sugar-coated foods and sweets, avoid refined flours, reduce beverages and most importantly, stay away from sweeteners.

World Diabetes Day is another way of telling the population not to use low-calorie sweeteners that have been doing the rounds in markets of late. Many people are unaware of their side effects, and medical companies have been advertising their brands for selling their products. Through campaigns and expert advice, wrong notions about the usage of these products can be tackled with.

World Diabetes Day 2020 Themes

Some of the previous year themes are celebrated below:

  • 2013 had a fascinating theme – “Protect the future: All about Diabetes education and prevention”.
  • 2014 hit the target right with foods, fads and diet with the theme “Go blue for your breakfast”.
  • 2015 kept its theme simple, yet very relatable. It said “Healthy Eating”.
  • 2016 focussed on eye health with the theme “Eyes on Diabetes”.
  • 2017 gave a year to the females with its pink coloured theme “Women and diabetes – the right to a healthy future”.
  • 2018-2019 gave two full-fledged years to diabetes in the genes. The theme was “Family and diabetes: Diabetes concerns that every family have”.
  • 2020 is dedicated to the genuine care extended by nurses in duty. The theme says” The Nurse and diabetes”.

World Diabetes Day Celebrations

World Diabetes Day is all about planned celebrations and healthy eating events. Let us discuss more in this section. Learning begins at home. Teach children at their school about healthy living habits and the importance of maintaining a functional and active lifestyle. They’ll take the message with them and raise awareness of their entire family. Arrange public speaking events at your society to raise awareness on diabetes prevention, care and treatments. Such informative speak-ups benefit a lot of people.

Take to your social media handles. Write at length about diabetes care and how to avoid diabetes. Walkathons and marathons are other beautiful ways to spread messages to the general public about symptoms of diabetes. Conduct a diabetes screening camp free of cost at selected places.

Spread the word on the fields arranged to the public through various channels. Apart from focusing entirely on diabetes care, encourage physical fitness activities and sports at sports clubs and schools/ colleges.


Diabetes is a chronic condition. Large parts of the world population are currently suffering from diabetes. We have to prioritize our health to lead a healthful lifestyle. Diabetes causes mental stress among patients. There is a need to spread a message regarding treatment available for diabetes mellitus. Many medical organizations have researched with the best medicines and procedures for the disease, yet there has been no complete cure till sight. With a healthy lifestyle in place, we can control and monitor blood glucose levels and thereby keep diabetes worries at bay.

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